<!-- a code poem by rozina aamir. -->
        <title>lowercase monospace typeface</title>
          p {text-transform: lowercase; font-family: monospace;}
        <p>there's something about having a</p>
        <p>lowercase monospace typeface</p>
        <p>it represents the intersection of</p>
        <p>the past and the future,</p>
        <p>not necessarily the present</p>
        <p>since that is constantly in flux.</p>
        <p>a constant happening.</p>
        <p>bringing my interests together</p>
        <p>over the years.</p>
        <p>from dreaming of owning a typewriter</p>
        <p>to coding up a storm</p>
        <p>of smaller things</p>
        <p>in order to make one big thing.</p>
        <p>it all comes together.</p>
        <p>it all comes full circle,</p>
        <p>evolving every time</p>
        <p>it comes full circle.</p>
        <p>like a spiral.</p>
        <p>like life.</p>
        <p>where you do laps around the sun.</p>
        <p>making it seem like you're having fun.</p>
        <p>is a bit like a spiral</p>
        <p>for me.</p>
        <p>it represents the time when i wanted to</p>
        <p>own a typewriter.</p>
        <p>it represents the time when i decided to</p>
        <p>for the hell of it.</p>
        <p>they're violently different things.</p>
        <p>the typewriter</p>
        <p>representing the past</p>
        <p>in a time where computers didn't</p>
        <p>really exist.</p>
        <p>the code</p>
        <p>representing the future</p>
        <p>where you get to tell</p>
        <p>a machine</p>
        <p>what you want it</p>
        <p>to do,</p>
        <p>bossing it around</p>
        <p>telling it</p>
        <p>to do this</p>
        <p>to do that.</p>
        <p>one thing that</p>
        <p>the past</p>
        <p>the future</p>
        <p>have in common?</p>
        <p>and i'm in the middle</p>
        <p>of it all</p>
        <p>being in constant flux</p>
        <p>with the present.</p>
        <p>a forever ongoing thing</p>
        <p>acting as a ring</p>
        <p>to an ever evolving</p>
        <p>that is life,</p>
        <p>which isn't straight like a knife,</p>
        <p>but a circle</p>
        <p>constant iterations,</p>
        <p>constant loops,</p>
        <p>growing bigger each time,</p>
        <p>like doing laps around the sun,</p>
        <p>but making it sound like fun.</p>
        <p>this is the</p>
        <p>like my voice</p>
        <p>typed down</p>
        <p>both digital</p>
        <p>and analogue.</p>